Anderson Japanese Gardens: Rockford, Illinois

The Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois, is a place for you to experience the scents and stunning views that accompany any garden. Who knew that such a beautiful waterfall existed in the heart of the midwest, in Rockford, Illinois? We were pleasantly surprised to find such stunning falls in one of the flattest areas […]

Midwest Finds For Spring/Summer 2017

We have been on the road on and off this spring and summer experiencing a lot of fresh food, midwest history and adventure for years to come.  The midwest holds many treasures with stories that are untold. We are working on finding as many stories as we can. Here are some of the highlights we have […]

Make it a Lincoln Summer in Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln is one of our most beloved Presidents and you can come to the Land of Lincoln to learn all about him.  Plan a day or a couple and choose the sites most suited to your family.  Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President and his connections to the Springfield, Illinois area are numerous.   Here […]