12 Midwestern Historical Re-Enactments

I recently went to a historical re-enactment at a former military fort near my hometown, and I surprised myself. I really enjoyed it! And so did my children – even though they were too young to grasp timelines or significance of things mentioned. It didn’t matter. The theatrical and sometimes hands-on nature of a re-enactment […]

Uncorking Minnesota Wine Country

If the term “wine region” conjures up images of quintessential French cottages dotting the hillsides of Burgundy, or expansive coastal vineyards of California — close your eyes and picture this: lush, rolling pastures of Midwest farmland, painted with vineyards. It’s not a dream, with 70+ operating wineries just in the state of Minnesota, you likely […]

The Restaurants We Crave When We Return Home To Minneapolis-St. Paul

Jeni of JeniEats is sharing some of her favorites restaurants in the Minneapolis- St. Paul, Minnesota area. Thanks Jeni for sharing your passion with all of us! Love it or hate it, your hometown will always be your hometown. Jake and I love ours. We grew-up in Minneapolis-St. Paul and have since moved around the […]