#MWTravelCon20 Speakers


Cory Lee: You May Not Have Mountains, Oceans or All The Money In The World, but You CAN Travel And Make a Difference In The World

 Bio: After being diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the age of two, Cory Lee’s thirst for adventure never ceased. He went on many trips around the US when he was younger, and then started taking things internationally when he turned fifteen. Since then, Cory has traveled across 6 continents, all while managing to run his travel blog curbfreewithcorylee.com, where he shares his accessible, and sometimes not so accessible, travel adventures with others. Cory’s blog has received the prestigious 2019 Webby Award for Best Personal Blog and the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Blog in 2017. He was also named New Mobility Magazine’s 2018 Person of the Year. Cory has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, National Geographic Travel, Forbes, USA Today, in a nationwide segment for CBS News, Lonely Planet, and many others. He hopes to inspire other wheelchair users to roll out of their comfort zone and see all of the beauty that the world has to offer.

Summary: Cory will inspire you on how you can travel the world and inspire others. You may not have mountains, oceans or all the money in the world, but you CAN travel and make a difference in our world.


Katy Mann: How To Use Video To Find Your Audience & Make Money
Bio: After serving aboard a hospital ship in Africa and lending a hand in a handful of other beautiful countries, Southern California native Katy Mann found herself in the midwest looking for things to do. After many years of documenting her travels and every day adventures, Katy had viral success with a holiday website and decided she really liked having an audience.

Katy Mann

Katy settled down and had children, while she created Indy with Kids, the number one family events and activities website in Indiana. With a passion for activating families to explore their community and beyond, Katy creates hyperlocal and travel content for her own platforms and her clients. Using video, Katy reaches 1000’s of people each day by way of television, social media and her website.

Katy’s professional triumphs include weekly television segments for local stations, writing for regional and state tourism websites, weekly columnist for the Indianapolis Star, co-director of a conference and association of Hyperlocal Publications, Disney’s Babble award winner for people’s choice of favorite Family Travel Blogger and a semi-viral video of a live tour of a gas station bathroom.
Summary:  In this workshop, Katy Mann and her husband Jacob will teach you how to use Facebook Live and short edited videos to grow your audience and make money. From monetization on your website to selling your videos to network television, Katy and Jacob will help you develop your audience growth strategy and create a plan to monetize. Topics covered: Equipment, Platforms, Monetization, Audience Growth.
Jody Halsted: Growing Affiliate Relationships For Maximum Profits
Bio:  Jody Halsted is an award-winning writer and podcaster specializing in Ireland, camping, and RVing. An Iowa native, Jody currently calls Ankeny home but dreams of the day she can set out on an endless road trip in her RV. Jody is mom to 2 teenage daughters and wife to Doug, a very supportive and understanding IT architect.
Jody Halsted
Summary: Affiliate relationships can be one of the most profitable sources of income on and off your website – but they take work to establish and grow. It’s not a case of ‘throw something up and see what sticks’ or ‘more is better’. Learn how to find affiliate programs that produce consistent results on your website and how to take those relationships to the next level with direct partnerships. Create a strong affiliate relationship to provide ongoing passive income.
Lindsey Ranzau: The Steps Everyone Need To Know To Become A Compelling Video Storyteller
Lindsey Ranzau
 Bio:  Lindsey, a born and raised Minnesota blogger lives in Minneapolis with her favorite person (and hubby) Cole. When she is not living the corporate life during the week, she spends most of her free time exploring everything from her North Loop neighborhood to destinations overseas. For the last few years, she has been jumping on a plane or taking a road trip every chance she gets. She believes that travel and new experiences shouldn’t be dreamt about as “someday” but should instead be something that’s part of your everyday life. She shares her stories in her blog, “Look About Lindsey.” She can also be seen occasionally on the popular Twin Cities talk show, “The Jason Show.”
Summary: How should you use Instagram stories to drive more engagement around your content? How can you be more comfortable in front of the camera? What makes people want to come back to you for more? Learn why video storytelling is crucial to driving engagement and the steps you should take to build a compelling story for your brand and the experiences you cover. Hear lessons learned from Minnesota travel writer Look About Lindsey on using her favorite platform, Instagram stories, to engage with her audience in a personal way. Follow Lindsey on Instagram to keep up with her stories.