Expat Alien
Expat Alien
Kathy Gamble
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Expat Alien – Expat is short for expatriate. Somebody living outside their passport country. I spent a large part of my life as an expat. When I “repatriated” – came to live in my passport county, I felt out of place, like an outsider – – alien. Even after many years, I still feel a bit different.

I grew up traveling the world and it is still my favorite thing. I have been to over forty countries and it is never enough. If I won the lottery, I would buy a round the world ticket and not look back.

In the meantime, I write about my various exploits in the mid-west and beyond.

I recently moved back to Minnesota to spend time with family after living in Florida, Washington DC, Moscow Russia, and Northern Virginia. I live in downtown St Paul and love the community that is exploding around me. I can hear the cheers at the new baseball stadium a block away and enjoy trying all the new restaurants that are popping up around me. I write about food, history, people, places, theater and art. I write, cook, draw, create.